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About Angel Idali 
From Separation to Unity Consciousness
Discovering the Sacred Truth Within

Embark on a joyful journey guided by Catherine White, the visionary creator and curator behind the pen name Angel Idali—a messenger between worlds

Catherine's journey is all about breaking barriers.  She's dabbled in freelance promotion, publishing, writing, and digital design.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to diverse projects, all infused with heart-centered communication and a deep connection to the frequency of truth and unconditional love, as seen through the eyes of the Divine Feminine


Driven by her own intuitiondivine inspiration, and divine guidance, she embraces the opportunity to expand her offerings through collaborative efforts under the Angel Idali™ and Berber House Designs® umbrella.


With a passion for technology, sustainability, and  emerging as a best-selling author, Catherine established these offerings to nurture more authentic and transformative experiences, eco-friendly materials, tech-enhanced divination tools & mini-courses, online tools for spiritual exploration, on through to psychic development.


From lifestyle concepts to transformative retreats and eco-friendly products, join us on this joyful journey of curiosity, discovery, and transformation

"My authenticity is my superpower.  I am a ray of light. --Angel Idali™, Daily Divination Guide | MMXXIII
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