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The Company of Angels: Sustainability is at the Heart of our

At Berber House® we believe in embracing the beauty of our planet and cherishing its resources. With every endeavor, we strive to harmonize human progress with environmental stewardship, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Our wings extend to eco-conscious practices, where we delicately balance innovation and sustainability. From renewable energy solutions to mindful waste management, our projects embody a deep respect for nature and its delicate ecosystems.


We soar with a mission to inspire positive change, working hand in hand with communities to create a sustainable world with sustainable travel and systems. Together, we uplift, protect, and nurture our shared home, guided by the light of sustainability.

Join us on this celestial journey, where the company of angels leads the way, and sustainability resides at the heart of all we do. Together, let's make a difference, one sustainable project at a time.


"Seeds of hope take root ."

-Angel Idali

Preserving Nature's Splendor
Embracing Environmental Stewardship

Our farm-to-table philosophy extends beyond the plate. We host educational workshops, farm tours, and community events, fostering a deeper connection with nature, food, animals, and each other. Together, we're sowing seeds of knowledge and cultivating a more sustainable way of life. With a focus on reducing waste and minimizing our ecological footprint, we implement eco-conscious practices throughout our farm-to-table journey. From composting to responsible packaging, we're committed to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings.

 Discover sustainable and eco-friendly communities at Company of Angels with Angel Idali

Sustainable Harvest
Nourishing the Collective
Community Roots

We prioritize sustainable farming practices, ensuring that our produce is grown using eco-friendly methods. From regenerative agriculture techniques to natural pest control, we're committed to nurturing the land and preserving its vitality for future generations. We also proudly partner with local farmers who share our passion for sustainability. By supporting them, we contribute to a thriving local economy, promote food security, and strengthen the bond within  village communities.


Desert Oasis - Nomadic Technological Advances
A Sustainable Haven Amidst the Arid Sands

Welcome to Desert Oasis, a groundbreaking sustainability project designed to flourish amidst the challenging landscapes of the desert. We have harnessed the power of innovation and environmental consciousness to create an oasis of sustainability in this arid realm. Our project is dedicated to preserving the delicate balance of the desert ecosystem while fostering sustainable practices that benefit both nature and the local community. Unfortunately, we were cancelled before we got started but wish the team better luck next time!

Sahara Desert, Morocco | Private Expedition, Atlas Mountain Travel | Angel Idali
Harvesting harmony with nature. Atlas Mountain Angel

"Harvesting harmony with nature, sustainable agriculture nourishes the world and the soul."

-Angel Idali

"The blossoming of a new season and nature always reveals its timeless secrets.  Truth and Beauty sprouts here!"

-Angel Idali

Truth and Beauty sprouts here! -The Company of Angels, Angel Idali
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